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Aluminium Circle Production Features and Parameters

February 19, 2019

No superior aluminum wafers can be produced without excellent production lines. Many people search for aluminium circle manufacturers in delhi, yet if you want quality aluminum circle blanks, you need to keep your eyesight a litter wider. Rapid development of the logistics industry now enables you to obtain extraordinary aluminium circle 1050 and other alloys from abroad with relatively low costs.

aluminum circle blanks

Haomei aluminum circle blanks production features include high efficiency, raw material usage rate and quality. Our equipment can directly use the coil material for wafer production, without the need of slitting and cross-cutting of the coil material. This reduces production steps and risen the yield speed to 55 pieces per minute. Advanced modular design of the production line reduces greatly the production specification conversion time. Equipped with a high-precision servo motor drive control system, our aluminium circle production line makes full use of the width of raw aluminum rolls and minimizes the distance between wafers and the distance between wafers and material edges. This reduces the amount of material waste so greatly that the utilization rate of raw materials reaches 80% and more. High quality of finished aluminum circles are guaranteed by high automatic level and advanced level of our machines. No manual contact or parameter adjustment is needed from the beginning, which reduces the possibility of damage to the surface of the coil. The line is composed of an advanced unwinding system, a six-level leveling machine, a high-rigidity mechanical press and an automatic palletizing system. All these guarantee high precision of finished aluminum circle sheets that are free from oil or scratches.

Parameters of our aluminum circle blanks production line are as below.

Coil width (mm): 500-1250, 800-1400, 1000-1600

Coil thickness (mm): 0.4-3.0, 1.0-6.0

Coil weight (kg): 8000, 10000

Blanking diameter (mm): 85-660, 85-750, 100-900

Number of blanks (spm): 40-55

Press nominal pressure (kN): 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500

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