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Painted Aluminum Trim Coil

Painted Aluminum Trim Coil

The painted aluminum trim coil are packaged in rolls, so they can also be called color coated aluminum trim coils. The surface of the painted aluminum coil is treated with fluorocarbon coloring and special processes, such as metal drawing, engraving patterns, etc., have a very decorative effect. So the aluminum trim coil color coated is widely recognized by modern families. Color …

aluminum trim coil

How to judge quality of aluminum trim coil

Aluminum trim coil rolls, with strong competitiveness among decorative materials, keep winning admiration from architecture designers. Aluminum siding trim coil is used for building curtain wall, old building renovation, interior facade decoration, billboard, signboard, various equipment, machine tool appearance decoration, subway, subsea tunnel interior decoration, airport decoration, office and civil furniture production etc. The quality of an aluminum trim coil …

bottle cap aluminum coil

Specifications and price of bottle cap aluminum coil

An aluminum trim cap coil merges as a new bottle cap sealing material with characteristics of beautiful appearance, good sealing effect and satisfying counterfeit function. As a result, it catches on in the sealing packaging of beverage bottles, wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles at home and abroad. Specifications of bottle cap aluminium coil are as below. Its alloys cover …

aluminum trim cap coil

Aluminum trim cap coil quality control

Haomei realizes quality control of its aluminum trim cap coil through aluminium stocks, process, stretch bending and instant quality inspection. The stocks for aluminum cap coil must have a medium crown of 0.2-0.8% and longitudinal thickness difference not more than 0.1M. The surface of the blanks should be free from cracks, bubbles, pores, corrosion, peeling, periodic marks, metal and non-metal …

aluminum trim coil installation

Wall aluminum trim coil installation method

The aluminum trim coil installation in walls has become popular in many countries. The method is as blow. Step 1. Tool Preparation The tools you need to prepare before installing an aluminum trim coil: a utility knife, a desktop cutting machine (High-speed sawtooth saw blade is favored), a grinding machine (serrated saw blade), a square ruler, a tape measure, a …

color aluminum trim coil

How to color aluminum trim coil

How to color aluminum trim coil? Generally speaking, we buy finished coil rolls from stores or suppliers, thus there’s no need for us to color aluminum trim coil by ourselves. Manufacturers follow strict process steps in coloring aluminum trim rolls to realize quality guarantee. The steps include cleaning of the coil surface, coating and solidification. The most effective way for …

amerimax aluminum trim coil

Amerimax aluminum trim coil

The fact that “amerimax aluminum trim coil” has become a key word in the searching engine of Google indicates that Amerimax enjoys a large popularity with aluminum trim coil consumers. Different from what we might imagine, people are more likely to DIY things at home than before. They enjoy impairing furniture or other domestic belongings by themselves, during which they …

brown aluminum trim coil

Application of brown aluminum trim coil

A brown aluminum trim coil is a kind of color coated aluminium coil if brown color. It can be further processed into decorative aluminum sheets, perforated sheets, aluminium honeycomb panels, plastic composition panels, thin decorative aluminium strips and so on. Decorative aluminium sheets are made of brown aluminum trim coils, flame-retardant molded polystyrene foam board or extruded board. It integrates …

aluminum trim coil prices

Aluminum trim coil prices

Aluminum trim coil prices has become a hot phrase with increasing popularity of aluminum trim coil that has become a top-grade decorative materials. The coil is weather-resistant, low-density and corrosion-resistant, and is especially suitable for indoor use in public places. As a decorative material, it has the incomparable advantages of other products. It’s said that the specially treated surface of …

Textured aluminum trim coil 3 (2)

Textured aluminum trim coil

Textured aluminum trim coil rolls are made from alloy mill finish after degreasing, cleansing and passivated layer processing, and currently most advanced and durable coating materials manufactured by KANAR500 and HYLAR5000 seriess of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. The textured aluminum trim coil rolls are finally molded through other secondary operations including cutting, pressing, punching and bending, which can be applied …

wood grain aluminum trim coil 2

Wood grain aluminum trim coil manufacturer and supplier

The wood grain aluminum trim coil is obtained by coating wood grain onto aluminium coil. It is scanned by high resolution, recorded in a computer program and manually modified to achieve a more realistic and three-dimensional effect after advanced roll coating process. An aluminum trim coil wood grain is durable and can be divided into indoor and outdoor coatings according …

painting aluminum trim coil

Painting aluminum trim coil at home and in workshop

“Painting aluminum trim coil” is often asked about since aluminum siding and trim has been applied in decoration of so many houses in the past years. Learning about painting process in the workshop helps you to fully understand steps you should do at home to repair items made of trim aluminum coil. Before getting an aluminum trim coil roll painted, …

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