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pvc coated aluminum trim coil

What is pvc color coated aluminum trim coil

The PVC aluminum trim coil refers to a color coated aluminum coil whose surface or surfaces are coated with pvc paint. PVC paint is the abbreviation of English Polyvinyl Chloride, which is also known as polyvinyl chloride. Using amorphous materials as raw materials, it has excellent properties in oxidation resistance, strong acid resistance and resistance to reduction. Polyvinyl chloride also …

aluminum trim coil thickness

Aluminum trim coil thickness

The aluminum trim coil thickness ranges from 0.08 to 4mm in the market. The fact is, the thickness of an aluminium trim coil consists of at least two layers. Some rolls with both sides coated have three layers. The thickness includes that of an aluminium roll and that of its coating layer. Generally the base coil is much thicker than …

white aluminum trim coil

Application of white aluminum trim coil

The white aluminum trim coil is an important member of the color coated aluminum coil family. It covers a wide range of application in interior decoration, exterior decoration and packaging industry. If you are observant enough, you will notice products with white aluminum trim coil easily at home or office. Take my office for example, the edges of partition boards …

aluminum trim coil

Application of aluminum trim coil

The aluminum trim coil is obtained by coating a hot-dip galvanized sheet, a hot-dip aluminum-zinc plate or an electro-galvanized sheet with one or several layers of paint which are then baked and cured. Because of this it is also known as the color coated aluminum coil. In addition to protecting the aluminum layer, the coating on the aluminum layer also …

Aluminum trim coil colors types and functions

Aluminum trim coil colors types and functions

Aluminum trim coil colors have so many types, such as black, blue, green, purple, red, green, gray, white and so on. In accordance with brightness there are high gloss, common gloss and dull gloss. As a matter of fact, there is an international color board containing all colors for the aluminum trim coil and other metals. If you are familiar …

color coated aluminum coils

Advantages of Color Coated Aluminum Coils

The color coated aluminum coil is a relatively popular product in the aluminum market. Because of its good cost performance, it is widely used in areas of aluminum ceilings, roofing surfaces, trims, cans, aluminum veneers and the like. Advantages of the coil include advanced technology, high folding resistance, strong decorative effect, strong weather resistance and light weight. 1. Advanced technology …

color coated aluminum strip

Color Coated Aluminum Strip Coils

Color coated aluminum strip coils refer to aluminum flat strap rolls with coated paints. Coated aluminum coil is also known as aluminum trim coil. Color coated aluminum strip is actually narrow aluminum trim coil. Regular alloys for it include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5052, 5005 and 5083 etc. The surface of the strip has been anodized before being …

white aluminum trim coil

White Aluminum Trim Coil Used for House Decoration

In a previous piece of article we discussed colors of the aluminum trim coil. The fact is, aluminum trim coil colors are closely related to application of a roll. Take house decoration for example, the mainstream colors are black and brown, which are adaptable to varied decoration styles and stain-proof since stains will not be obvious against such dark colors. …

aluminum trim coil colors

Knowledge about Aluminum Trim Coil Colors

Aluminum trim coil colors are obtained by having base aluminium rolls through a highly automatic continuous coating line. The process consists of degrease, chemical treatment, coating and solidification. The base rolls are first treated in order to eliminate oil on the surface, and then sprayed by chemical liquid which functions to clean the surface and to get a layer of …

aluminum trim coil

Roller Coating Process of Aluminum Trim Coil

Aluminum trim coils have rich colors because they have gone through a roller coating process. It’s an effective, continuous and highly automated process providing coils of more consistent colors. After being degreased, chemically treated and coated, aluminium substrates become trim coils with good moldability, scratch resistance, aesthetic appearance and weather resistance. Aluminum trim coil colors can be obtained through feeding, …

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