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How to judge quality of aluminum trim coil

July 24, 2020

Aluminum trim coil rolls, with strong competitiveness among decorative materials, keep winning admiration from architecture designers. Aluminum siding trim coil is used for building curtain wall, old building renovation, interior facade decoration, billboard, signboard, various equipment, machine tool appearance decoration, subway, subsea tunnel interior decoration, airport decoration, office and civil furniture production etc. The quality of an aluminum trim coil is reflected in four aspects: surface, color, paint and production process. Details are as below.

aluminum trim coil

The surface of qualified aluminium trim rolls should be free from obvious indentation, missing coating, penetrating coating damage, ripple, scratch and blister on the surface. This is the easiest part in quality checking. What is a little more difficult lies in exclusion of color difference, the finding of which entails intensive observation and the existence of which results in poor decoration effects. The paints for alu trim rolls can be divided into polyester, fluorocarbon, epoxy and other materials. The paint materials can not be distinguished by naked eyes, and the paint quality can only be identified by professional equipment. Therefore, it is better for consumers to recognize the brand when purchasing color coated aluminum coils.

Even though you have superior raw aluminum coil rolls and excellent paints, the whole production process might be ruined by poor coating lines. To cater for increasingly higher requirements in the market, coating lines must be advanced, highly efficient and environmental friendly, and embody high-tech and super quality in pre-treatment, coating and drying steps. If you are looking for aluminum trim coil near me, welcome to contact us!

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