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Aluminum trim coil near me

June 29, 2020

A roll of aluminum trim is a decorative aluminum coil of white, black and brown colors. Technically any other color is available, too, but the above three are the most popular, owing to their strong adaptability in color matching. Aluminium trim coil, although usually used in siding, covers a wider application scope, including ceiling, shutters, rain gutters, roofing, electronic products, lamps, furniture etc. Each of these uses falls on varied color groups. Gutter rolls are usually of pure colors like red, white, gray, black and blue, shutters of light colors, and siding of wood grain trim coil.

aluminum trim coil near me

Main alloys of aluminum trim rolls include 1100, 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3004 and 3105. 3xxx series of aluminum coil has better performances in hardness, erosion resistance and service life, thus their prices are higher. They contain an alloying metal of manganese that shows an excellent resistance to corrosion. Haomei aluminium trim coils are painted with pvc, pe and pvdf paints from famous international brands. We can customize thickness, width and color in accordance to per client’s needs. If you need the coil especially UV resistant, for example, we are able to coat the roll with a particular paint that reflect UV rays while taking in visible lights as usual. There is also a self-cleaning aluminium trim coil which gives off a cleaning chemical once the coil surface gets dirty. Thousands of colors are available for your choice. If you are searching for aluminum trim coil near me, welcome to send inquiries!

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