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Aluminum strip with a low price

June 29, 2020

Haomei supplies 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5052 and 6061 aluminum strip with a low price. We have brushed, anodized, decorative and transformer aluminium strips for sale. The thinnest aluminium strip is of 0.2mm and the narrowest 20mm.

aluminum strip with a low price

Our brushed aluminium strip is high-end, reliable and long lasting. A layer of antioxidant or fluorocarbon coating on the surface lasts at least 5 years safe and sound. Normal glue can be used to the strip in manufacturing of channel letters and trim purposes. In addition to brushed aluminium strips, color coated aluminium strips are also applied in channel letters. The thickness is around 0.5mm (0.02’’), width 50mm (1.97’’) and length 50mm (164’). These strips are resistant to color fading and deformation. Available colors include yellow, green, blue, white, red, black and silver. Haomei aluminium strip price for brushed and colored rolls are lower than other suppliers become we have large quantities in stock for sale.

The anodized aluminum strip is made up of aluminum by electrical chemical methods to form a layer of oxide film of 0.007-0.01mm thick on its own surface. The melting point of the oxide film reaches 2500 degrees centigrade, the pressure is above 180V, the absolute safety temperature is above 250 degrees C, the scraping, tensile, bending radius (that is, aluminum wire, the half diameter of aluminum foil bending), adhesion strength and mechanical strength all reach or exceed. Anodized aluminum strip price is higher than ordinary mill finish rolls.

Transformer aluminium strip rolls are of 1060-O, 0.1mm to 2mm thick. The rolls can also be used as batter pole ear materials, featured by smooth surface and pure content. Haomei supplies transformer aluminum strip with a low price. Welcome to contact us!

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