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3003 h14 colour coated aluminium coils price per tons

June 30, 2020

3003 h14 color coated aluminium coils price per tons ranges between $2300-$2800 based on paint type, paint side, thickness etc. Regular thickness for painted aluminum rolls is from 0.3mm to 2mm, mostly around 1mm. If you need rolls thicker than that, you may have to pay more money, for the production of them entails extra costs. Paint types include PE, PVDF and PVC. The latter is the cheapest, and PVDF the dearest yet the most long lasting. Needless to say, PVDF coated aluminum coil is the most expensive. In addition, paint thickness influence the price, too. The thicker the paint film, the more expensive a roll. As for paint side, there are single-side coating and both-side coating. In most cases, single-side coating is enough for application requirements. If you need the coil to be painted by both side, the price would be higher, too.

3003 h14 color coated aluminium coils

Necessary parameters you need to offer to obtain a 3003 h14 colour coated aluminium coils price per tons incorporate thickness, paint type, paint side, width and application. Aluminium 3003 colored coil is a manganese aluminium alloy with medium hardness, good erosion resistance and satisfying process properties. H14 is an annealing state of work hardened to be 50% hardness of an aluminium alloy piece. The Babbitt hardness of 3003 h14 aluminum alloy plate coil is 56 Hb. 3003 h14 color coated aluminium coil is applied in gutters, house roofing, truck roofing, wall cladding, advertising panels, interior decoration, furniture and so on. When you ask for a price, you are recommend to make the application clear, so that your supplier will be able to recommend the most cost efficient coil for you. Maybe it’s not even 3003, but it will definitely be the most suitable for you.

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