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Aluminum vinyl siding trim coil

June 7, 2018

An aluminum vinyl siding trim coil serves as raw material for casings trims wrapping windows, building sidings, entry doors, ply gem shutters, accents shutters and ply gem stones etc. The col is usually painted with hundreds of colors and designs to match various housing styles. There are solid colors, metallic colors, stone grains and wood grains.

aluminum vinyl siding trim coil

Aluminum vinyl siding trim coil rolls are usually of alloys 1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5006, 5052 and 3011 etc. Tempers for them include H16, H18, H24, H26 and H28. Their total thickness ranges between 0.05mm and 2mm, with a PE coating no less than 18 micro meters and PVDF 25 micro meters. In addition to PE and PVDF, other coating paints like pvc, epoxy, polyamide and polyurethane are also available. The surface treatment for aluminum siding coil includes mill finish, coating and embossing.

Manufacturing process of aluminum vinyl siding trim coil includes decoiling, cleaning, coil-coating, IPQC, cooling, curing, exit-accumulating, recoiling and OQC. In the step of decoiling coil stocks are flattened by a decoiler. Then they are cleaned with chemical liquid, which guarantees complete cleanness of their surface. In the coating process a coil stock is coated with a given color or design. IPQC stands for input process quality control, which is carried out by the IPQC team who checks quality of the first rolls of coils. If the coils are confirmed as unqualified, the previous manufacturing steps must be stopped temporarily until relative problems are solved. During the whole manufacturing procedure, IPQC examines quality of siding vinyl coated aluminum trim coil stocks randomly from time to time, making sure there are no unqualified products going into the next process. After being coated with colors or designs, a coil stock is cooled and then cured. Then it comes to a recoiler through an exit-accumulator. After being rolled again, it goes through OQC (outgoing quality control).

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