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Vinyl Coated Aluminum Coil Stock

November 9, 2018

The common paintings for color coated aluminum coil include PE and PVDF, and usually the latter is regarded superior because of strong corrosion resistance and long service life. Vinyl coated aluminum coil stock , also known as vinyl coated aluminum trim coil, is less known by people. As a matter of fact, vinyl ester resins are universally acknowledged as a painting of high corrosion resistance in global market. This type of resin has many characteristics as followed. The double bond at both ends of the resin molecular chain is extremely active, which makes the vinyl resin rapidly solidified to a hardness required, and a polymer with high corrosion resistance is obtained in this way. The resin is made of methacrylic acid, and the methyl ester of the ester bond can play a protective role, eventually improving the resin’s hydrolysis resistance. Less content of ester helps to improve alkali resistance of the resin. Sufficient secondary hydroxyl groups can improve the moisture rate and cohesiveness of the glass fiber and improve the mechanical strength of the laminated product. The flame retardant vinyl resin is generally synthesized by using a brominated epoxy resin. Since the resin contains bromine, the flame retardant vinyl resin is chemically resistant and flame retardant.

Vinyl Coated Aluminum Coil Stock

 Vinyl coated aluminum coil stock can be used as a decorative material in various surroundings. As a vinyl coated aluminum trim coil, it can be processed into interior wall panels. Different coloring matters can be mixed to help it obtain various colors. This offers rich creative space for interior designers. Children’s room can be decorated with colorful panels, creating spaces totally at their own will. Vinyl color coated aluminum coil stocks of darker colors can be used for decoration of adult’s rooms. Entertaining places can also be decorated by the stock in similar way. Besides, the coil stock is used for luggage hardware, sign boards, exterior wall cladding, advertising panels etc.

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