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Aluminium Flat Strip Used for Radiator Fins

November 12, 2018

The phrase aluminium flat strip is applied to distinguish itself from aluminum strip profile which is usually used for led lights and construction. Aluminium flat strip refers to aluminum flat strap mainly used as evaporator fin and plate, glass mounting bracket material, radiator fin and plate, parallel condenser fin, charge air cooler material, air cooling fin material for tubes, aluminum for heating elements, oil coolers and engineering machinery. It’s one of the most popularly applied flat aluminum materials which also include aluminum sheet, coil, foil and even circle.

aluminium flat strip

Aluminium flat strip can be made of alloys of 3003, 4343, 1060, 1100, 4047, 4104, 4a13,6951, 7072 and 8011. Regular tempers include H14, H26, H18, H12 and O. As a raw material for radiator fins, it has good heat conductivity. Metals can be listed in accordance with heat conductivity as below: silver, copper, aluminum and steel. Silver has the strongest conductivity, but it’s too expensive to be adopted as a raw material for large scale industrial production. Copper conducts heat one time faster than aluminum, but its larger density leads to higher price. Aluminium strip, therefore, becomes the most suitable fin stock for common usage. Only for special purposes is copper applied to meet high conductivity requirement. In addition, aluminum strip has better corrosion resistance than copper while both are placed in the air. It’s not that aluminum element does not reacts to the air, but because it reacts to oxygen in the air so quickly that a thin layer of oxide material comes into being on the surface, and the layer serves as a stronger protector of inner aluminum against most possible corrosive elements. Copper, on the other hand, has a stabler chemical property but still reacts to the oxygen after a period of time.

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