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Aluminium metal strips 3mm

Aluminium metal strips 3mm for heat sinks for sale

Aluminium strip 3mm thick is among regular metal strips for heat sinks. The most popular alloys are 1100 and 1060, the production process of which is mature and controllable. 3mm is a relatively thick specification in aluminum strips, for the thickest aluminium strips are 4mm. Most strips are less than 2mm thick, used in transformer winding, channel letters, air conditioners …

aluminium strip roll

Aluminium strip roll 1xxx 3xxx 5xxx 8xxx

Aluminium strip roll covers 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 8xxx alloys, used in transformer, cable armor, metal stamping, lampshade, radiator fin, bottle caps etc. Alloy: 1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 3004 3104 3105 5052 5005 8011 Temper: O-H112 Thickness: 0.2-5mm Surface: mill finish, polished, color coated (for channel letter, window shutter etc.) The advantages of pure aluminium strip rolls are thermal …

1070 thin aluminum strips

1070 thin aluminum strips

1070 thin aluminum strips are of 0.1mm to 3.0mm thick and 600mm to 2000mm wide, used for cable, cosmetic caps, composite pipes, transformer, shutter and battery. 1070 aluminum contains 0.20% Si, 0.25% Fe, 0.04% Cu, 0.03% Mn, 0.03% Mg, 0.04% Zn, 0.03% Ti, 0.05% V and 99.7% aluminium. The number of 7 in “1070” refers to that the aluminium content …

trim flexible aluminium strips

Flexible aluminium trim strip

Flexible aluminium trim strip is a kind of decorative aluminum strips of 0.2mm to 4mm thick, 50mm to 600mm wide and any color you need. A trim strip is a coated, brushed or anodized tape used for plastic composite pipes, cables, venetian blinds, interior and exterior decoration materials etc. The flexibility of the strip is up to its hardness which …

50mm aluminium strip

50mm aluminium strip

A 50mm aluminium strip is a narrow alu strip of 50mm wide. It’s usually used for hoods, water heaters, exhaust fan blades in bathrooms, exhaust pipes of central air-conditioning, etc . The alloy grades are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052, 8011 and so on. Common states are O-state and H-state. O indicates a soft state, and H …

black coated aluminium strips

Features of black aluminium strip

The black aluminium strip is a member of coated aluminium strips used in many products. Traditional aluminium strips are silver with no paints. For example, aluminium strip 1mm 2mm is used for transformers, earphones, heaters etc. Coated aluminium strips prove to be even more applicable in daily life. They have gone through a surface coating process. The black aluminium strip …

coated aluminium strip

Why is the coated aluminium strip used for channel letter

The coated aluminium strip is used for channel letter based on its light weight, strong weather resistance and excellent adaptability to various processing methods. Generally speaking, coated aluminium strips are thin aluminum strips no thicker than 1mm. This greatly reduces the weight of channel letters. In comparison to other metals, aluminium has a much smaller density. In other words, aluminium …

Welcome to buy aluminium strip rolls from us.

Buy aluminium strip rolls here

If you want to buy aluminium strip rolls, you will not regret choosing us. As a 20-year manufacturer and 11-year supplier of aluminium strip rolls, we have the following advantages. Full-scale Specification The regular thickness ranges from 0.08mm to 3mm. Thicker ones are also available. Width ranges from 11mm to 3100mm. We supply not only aluminium strip rolls for transformers, …

flat aluminium strip

Alloys for flat aluminium strip used in heat sinks

Flat aluminium strip used in heat sinks are mostly made of aluminum alloys rather than pure aluminum which has a poor hardness and is not suitable for process by current technological level. Although some manufacturers are able to supply aluminum strip stock of pure aluminium, it’s much easier to simply process aluminum alloys, and the cost is much lower as …

coated aluminium strips price and manufacturer

Aluminium strip price from coated strips manufacturer

Aluminium strip price has a lot to do with specification of a strip. In addition, manufacturers from different countries and regions give different prices. As an aluminium strips manufacturer in Henan, China, Haomei would like to share information of aluminium strip price as below. Aluminium strips can be made of alloys of 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5052 and 8011. Their …

Aluminium Capping Strip

Many people out of the aluminium industry would easily mistake the aluminium capping strip for aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps at the first sight. Since there’s the word “capping”, it’s understandable for some people to think this way. In addition to sheet and roll types, there do be strip and tape types of aluminium for ropp caps. While used …

aluminium cover strip 1

Aluminium Cover Strip of Metal Strips

The aluminium cover strip is also known as aluminium floor strip, and it’s a kind of metal strips used as material for covers and shells in various conditions. Thin aluminum strips can be used as battery shells, capacitor housings, carpet covers, floor edge covers, decorative eave covers and so on. The strips can be as thin as 0.06mm and as …

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