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Why is the coated aluminium strip used for channel letter

May 30, 2019

The coated aluminium strip is used for channel letter based on its light weight, strong weather resistance and excellent adaptability to various processing methods.

coated aluminium strip

Generally speaking, coated aluminium strips are thin aluminum strips no thicker than 1mm. This greatly reduces the weight of channel letters. In comparison to other metals, aluminium has a much smaller density. In other words, aluminium strips are lighter than other metal strips naturally. Strong weather resistance refers to the strips’ extraordinary self-protective ability in changing weather conditions. Coated strips are covered with a layer of paint, or some have been anodized. Both procedures attributes to improving resistance to scratches and exterior forces of the strip surface. Experiments show that superior coated aluminium products last decades in hot estimate. Most channel letters are exposed to the open air where there are rains, frosts, winds, snows and strong sunshine, and it’s extremely important for their shells to be tough enough to withstand these conditions. The third advantages of the coated alu strip as a raw material for channel letters is the strip’s excellent adaptability to varied processing methods. Coated aluminum channel coil strips are of 1000, 3000, 5000 and 8000 series of alloys that are featured by medium hardness and good welding performance. This makes it easy to process them into given shapes of letters by cutting, welding or drilling.

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