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coated thin aluminium strips 1mm

Oxidizing methods for thin coated aluminium strips 1mm

Thin coated aluminium strips 1mm are so extensively applied in our daily life that they are treated by different methods to cater for varied usages, among which is oxidizing. Generally, the oxidizing methods for the coated aluminium strip, thin aluminum strips and aluminium strip 1mm. First, natural oxidation The oxide film formed on the aluminium strip 1mm and coated thin …

coated aluminium strip

Why is the coated aluminium strip used for channel letter

The coated aluminium strip is used for channel letter based on its light weight, strong weather resistance and excellent adaptability to various processing methods. Generally speaking, coated aluminium strips are thin aluminum strips no thicker than 1mm. This greatly reduces the weight of channel letters. In comparison to other metals, aluminium has a much smaller density. In other words, aluminium …

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