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Slitting of thin aluminum strips

May 31, 2019

Thin aluminum strips are used more and more widely. High quality aluminium strips have good flexibility, high precision and good processing toughness. Unlike aluminium strip 2mm or 3mm, they are much thinner and more difficult to be processed. The slitting step proves to be a crucial. Relative slitting rules are as below.

This shows rolls of thin aluminum strips.

The first thing after receiving an order sheet for thin aluminum strips to do is to fully understand its intention and check whether the data indicated in the diagram coincide with the single-related data. In accordance with the conditions, the material plan and the procedures for obtaining materials can be carried out. After specifications and colour of the raw materials have been approved and signed by the warehouse clerk, the materials shall be collected and sent to the workshop. Before slitting an aluminum roll, you should first adjust the locator to the required size, cut a small point, and then check whether the size is in line with the required size. The normal slitting should not start until the size gets stable and precise.

In addition, not all the surface of raw materials of thin aluminum strips has been machined. The unprocessed surface is left with overly thick oxide layer formed in the casting process. At this time, the original oxide film of this part should be removed first by machining, or by alkali washing and reprocessing. Only in this way can the original oxide layer of unprocessed part be removed and machined avoided. Finally, the correct operation and maintenance of the cutting machine can not be ignored. Correct operation and use can prevent abnormal wear and tear of machine tools and avoid sudden failure. Daily maintenance can keep the equipment in good technical condition, delay the aging process, timely discovery and elimination of hidden trouble, and will not affect the normal cutting of aluminum strips because of temporary accidents.

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