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1070 thin aluminum strips

1070 thin aluminum strips

1070 thin aluminum strips are of 0.1mm to 3.0mm thick and 600mm to 2000mm wide, used for cable, cosmetic caps, composite pipes, transformer, shutter and battery. 1070 aluminum contains 0.20% Si, 0.25% Fe, 0.04% Cu, 0.03% Mn, 0.03% Mg, 0.04% Zn, 0.03% Ti, 0.05% V and 99.7% aluminium. The number of 7 in “1070” refers to that the aluminium content …

thin aluminum metal strips

Thin aluminum metal strips used for transformers

Thin aluminum metal strips are an excellent raw material for the power manufacturing industry. It plays a very good role in solar energy, electronic mechanical units and communication power applications. It replaces expensive and scarce copper resources and becomes a green energy source for modern industrial manufacturing material. The transformer thin aluminum strips are made of high-purity aluminum, and the …

coated thin aluminium strips 1mm

Oxidizing methods for thin coated aluminium strips 1mm

Thin coated aluminium strips 1mm are so extensively applied in our daily life that they are treated by different methods to cater for varied usages, among which is oxidizing. Generally, the oxidizing methods for the coated aluminium strip, thin aluminum strips and aluminium strip 1mm. First, natural oxidation The oxide film formed on the aluminium strip 1mm and coated thin …

thin aluminum strips

Why are thin aluminum strips used for transformers

Thin aluminum strips are named in comparison with thick aluminum strips. The aluminium strip can be divided into many types in accordance with varied standards like thickness, temper, grade, usage and so on. Take thickness for example, thin aluminum strips, mainly below 2.0mm thick, are more suitable for domestic uses, while thicker ones (2.0-3.0mm and even more) are used products …

thin aluminum strips for bottle caps

Why are bottle caps made of thin aluminum strips

Why are bottle caps made of thin aluminum strips? For the strips have excellent performances in moisture resistance, air insulation and freshness keeping. Specifically thin aluminum strips have the following advantages as a raw material for bottle caps. First, the strips applied in bottle caps are of superior quality, nontoxic material and proper hardness. The caps will not get rusty …

This shows rolls of thin aluminum strips.

Slitting of thin aluminum strips

Thin aluminum strips are used more and more widely. High quality aluminium strips have good flexibility, high precision and good processing toughness. Unlike aluminium strip 2mm or 3mm, they are much thinner and more difficult to be processed. The slitting step proves to be a crucial. Relative slitting rules are as below. The first thing after receiving an order sheet …

thin aluminium strip 1mm

Thin Aluminum Strips VS Copper Strips for Transformers

Copper and aluminium strips are two regular materials used for transformer winding. Copper is the traditional material, but it’s being replaced by thin aluminum strips. Aluminium strip 1mm has advantages of good conductivity and low cost. Silver has the highest conductivity, followed by copper, gold, aluminum and nickle. High costs of silver and gold make it impossible for them to …

thin aluminum strips

What Are Thin Aluminum Strips

Thin aluminum strips refer to aluminium tapes of thickness between 0.006mm and 0.20mm. The width usually ranges from 40mm to 1600mm. Alloys include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1200, 1235, 3003, 3004, 3104, 5052, 8011 and 8079 etc. Thin aluminum strips are used in cables, transformers, composite packaging, air conditioning, hairdressing, electronic products, explosion-proof products and other products. In comparison with …

thin flat aluminum strips for sale

Thin flat aluminum strips for sale

  Product Name Thin flat aluminum strips for sale Product Standard GB/T ENAW ASTM  Alloy 1000series: 1060 1050 1100 1200 etc. 3000series: 3003 etc. 4000 series: 4343, 4047, 4104, 4a13 5000series:5052 5754 5083 5005 5086 6000 series: 6951 7000 series: 7072 8000 series: 8011  Temper  O H12 H14 H24 H16 H18 H26 H32 H34 H36 H38 etc  Thickness  0.08-0.3mm  Width 10-1200mm  Weight  2 T/coil,3.0 T/coil  surface Quality totally free from defects like …

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