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Aluminium metal strips 3mm for heat sinks for sale

September 3, 2020

Aluminium strip 3mm thick is among regular metal strips for heat sinks. The most popular alloys are 1100 and 1060, the production process of which is mature and controllable. 3mm is a relatively thick specification in aluminum strips, for the thickest aluminium strips are 4mm. Most strips are less than 2mm thick, used in transformer winding, channel letters, air conditioners etc. 3mm aluminum strips is less frequently used in comparison with the aspects above. Although air conditioner manufacturers adopt thin aluminium strips for heat dissipation, the thickness they choose is very small, sometimes less than 0.2mm. 3mm aluminium strips are used for heat sinks in a different way. They are further processed into pieces and even bent shapes according to varied production requirements.

Aluminium metal strips 3mm

Speaking of aluminium alloys for heat sinks, many would refer to strong alloys like 6061, 6063 and 7075, the excellent plasticity of which enable manufacturers to make them into heat sinks of any shapes. In addition, they are featured by mature process, low price, good heat dissipation effect and outstanding surface treatment quality. When we mention aluminium metal strips for heat sinks, however, these alloys are not suitable, for they are usually in thick plate type. Heat sink aluminum strips, on the other hand, are usually of 1060 or 1100 grade. The raw material can be of cold or hot rolled process, based on specific needs of clients. The production process of these pure aluminium metal strips are more controllable than alloyed alu strips. 3mm pure aluminum strips boast good corrosion resistance and machining properties, applicable in most heat dissipation conditions that require little about strength.

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