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Aluminium metal strips 3mm

Aluminium metal strips 3mm for heat sinks for sale

Aluminium strip 3mm thick is among regular metal strips for heat sinks. The most popular alloys are 1100 and 1060, the production process of which is mature and controllable. 3mm is a relatively thick specification in aluminum strips, for the thickest aluminium strips are 4mm. Most strips are less than 2mm thick, used in transformer winding, channel letters, air conditioners …

6061 aluminium metal strips used for lamp base

Why are 6061 aluminium metal strips used for lamp base

6061 aluminium metal strips are a regular material for lamp bases and heads. Nowadays, solar led street lights have become the main force in the construction of new rural areas. Solar led street lights are composed of lamp holders, lamp posts, controllers, battery boards, batteries and other components. Among them, street lamp heads are the key part of street lighting, …

Aluminium Capping Strip

Many people out of the aluminium industry would easily mistake the aluminium capping strip for aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps at the first sight. Since there’s the word “capping”, it’s understandable for some people to think this way. In addition to sheet and roll types, there do be strip and tape types of aluminium for ropp caps. While used …

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