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How to color aluminum trim coil

October 11, 2019

How to color aluminum trim coil? Generally speaking, we buy finished coil rolls from stores or suppliers, thus there’s no need for us to color aluminum trim coil by ourselves. Manufacturers follow strict process steps in coloring aluminum trim rolls to realize quality guarantee. The steps include cleaning of the coil surface, coating and solidification. The most effective way for cleaning is to spray water onto the surface of a plain aluminum coil repeatedly until it gets completely clean. Used water can be recycled and reused. The cleaning step erases impurities on the coil surface and improves its sticking effect to paints. Coating consists of two smaller steps: base coating and facial coating. The clean coil surface or surfaces (up to your needs) get coated with a layer of paint (base paint) by the first roller coating machine and then another paint layer (facial paint). Coated aluminum coil rolls are sent to a solidification stove in which an appropriate temperature is set to make sure that paints get solidified and the extra materials are evaporated perfectly. Usually the temperature is between 200 and 300 centigrade.

color aluminum trim coil

If, however, you want to color aluminum trim coil at home by yourself, the steps are much simper yet rougher. Since the coil is usually applied indoors or outdoors, you are advised to choose environmental paints to protect your health first. Before coloring a damaged part of an aluminum trim coil, get all tools and materials ready for cleaning and brushing. Cleaning is necessary not only in the factory but also in you DIY work. It helps to remove dirty things off the coil surface, paving way to effective coloring. Wipe the surface completely until it gets dry after cleaning it. Dip some paint with a brush and brush the paint carefully onto the targeted area. Pay attention that you must select the same color with that on the coil surface. You can consult the store keeper before buying a paint. Otherwise, you might obtain a different color, which will ruin your coloring work completely.

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