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We are a manufacturer and supplier of textured aluminum trim coil for home and international markets. Welcome to ask about price!

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Textured aluminum trim coil rolls are made from alloy mill finish after degreasing, cleansing and passivated layer processing, and currently most advanced and durable coating materials manufactured by KANAR500 and HYLAR5000 seriess of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. The textured aluminum trim coil rolls are finally molded through other secondary operations including cutting, pressing, punching and bending, which can be applied in overall roofs and building coil for wall decoration with a long span and a large area, be used for decorative coil of interior roofs through being cut into small coil, bending and stamping die processing, and be used for energy-saving exterior wall decoration coil bonding with foaming polyurethane or honeycomb aluminum panels.

textured aluminum trim coil

Name textured aluminum trim coil
Color RAL colors, like white, gold, red etc, and wood grain, stone pattern
Process Single or double coating, single or double sides coated etc
Width 200-1200mm
Thickness 0.1mm – 2mm
Unit Weight 1 – 3 tons per coil
Coating Material PE, HDPE, PVDF
PE Thickness Over 18 micron
PVDF Thickness Over 25 micron
Technology Hot rolling
Usage Decoration of wall, car, boat etc
Delivery 15 – 25 days after payment according your order
MOQ 5 tons
Samples Free
MainFeatures Long color life, bright colors

Main Features of textured aluminum trim coil rolls

1) Being exposed to natural light and detected in Florida, USA, weather-proof quality assurance for over 20 years

2) The products boast characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance, due to advantages of raw materials

3) Realize multiple colors or single colour, according to clients’ demands for different colors

4) Easy formability by processing, changeable manufacturing spans and areas for cutting, pressing, punching and bending

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