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Aluminum trim coil prices

September 9, 2019

Aluminum trim coil prices has become a hot phrase with increasing popularity of aluminum trim coil that has become a top-grade decorative materials. The coil is weather-resistant, low-density and corrosion-resistant, and is especially suitable for indoor use in public places. As a decorative material, it has the incomparable advantages of other products. It’s said that the specially treated surface of the coil will not fade in at least 30 years in natural conditions. What’s more, aluminium trim coils never face questions related to the work “toxic” as steel does. As a result, it’s being used for outdoor decoration as well.

aluminum trim coil prices

Aluminum trim coil prices are higher than plain aluminium coil rolls, for the coil is a further processing product of the latter. Generally speaking, a trim coil is around 300 dollars more expensive than mill finish coils. It’s really difficult, however, to give a specific price of a textured aluminum trim coil, for the price of a coil is related to its specifications like grade, temper, thickness, paint type, coating side, coating thickness and so on. For example, 5000 series of color coated aluminum coils is more expensive than 3000 series ones that are more expensive than 1000 series, and PE coated rolls are cheaper than PVDF coated ones. Thus, if you want a specific price, the most efficient way is to contact a supplier directly rather than searching online.

Haomei Aluminium boasts 20 years manufacturing experience and 11-year exporting history, supplying aluminum trim coil stock for rain gutters, advertising panels, furniture panels, vehicle housing etc. At present the price ranges between 2300 and 3500 dollars per metric ton. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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