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Types of mirror aluminum sheet film

September 12, 2019

There are two regular types of mirror aluminum sheet film: electrostatic film and PE textured film.

The electrostatic film is a kind of non-adhesive film, mainly made of PE and PVC. It is protected by electrostatic adsorption of an aluminum sheet itself. It is generally used for the surface sensitive to adhesive or glue residue. It is mostly used for glass. Very smooth surface such as lens, high gloss plastic surface, acrylic. The static electricity is not felt outside the electrostatic film. It is self-adhesive and has low adhesion. It is used in high-gloss surfaces. Generally, it has 3 wires, 5 wires and 8 wires. The color is transparent. The electrostatic film specifications can be divided into 0.05 mm (thickness) * 1200 mm (width) * 200 M (length) and 0.08 mm (thickness) * 1200 mm (width) * 200 M (length).

PE textured film for mirror aluminium sheets has two forms of rough and fine lines. The surface is clean and smooth, with high finish and transparency. It has good adhesion to smooth plastic surface, good stability and easy demoulding. The main features of PE textured film:

mirror aluminum sheet film

1. The textured protective film belongs to a protective film product with many meshes on the surface. It has good gas permeability and beautiful paste effect, unlike the plain film which will leave bubbles.

2. The viscosity is stable, easy to use, easy to tear and easy to paste, no residue.

3. In practical applications, the film has good tensile strength and can meet the requirements of users. Generally, its longitudinal and transverse elongation can reach more than 100%, and it has good anti-puncture and tear resistance.

4. This protective film also has variable biaxial tensile properties and strong fastening properties.

5. When performing the paste performance test, the product is required to be easy to paste on the surface of a mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet, leaving no residual glue, and can be bent 90 degrees with the object, without cracking or falling off. In addition, no residue remains on the surface of the paint film after the paint film is peeled off.

6. For the bonding of PE textured mirrored sheets film, the surface to be affixed should be free of dust and oil.

The above is full information about the mirror aluminum sheet film. Hope it’s helpful to you.

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