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Wall aluminum trim coil installation method

October 21, 2019

The aluminum trim coil installation in walls has become popular in many countries. The method is as blow.

Step 1. Tool Preparation

The tools you need to prepare before installing an aluminum trim coil: a utility knife, a desktop cutting machine (High-speed sawtooth saw blade is favored), a grinding machine (serrated saw blade), a square ruler, a tape measure, a triangular file, a jig saw, a 3P air pump, a cement straight nail gun, wood side pieces, wood board pieces etc.

Step 2. Measurement and Calculation

The area of walls for a room is roughly three times of that of its floor, basically including the wall and the top. The basic installation area is within this area. The measurement of the actual household area should be based actual estimated area, and after the completion of the return belt, the height from the top to the ground should be no less than 2.75M, so that a large amount of guarantee can be guaranteed during the installation process.

aluminum trim coil installation

3. Preparation of materials.

Two extra pieces of aluminum trim coil a more pieces of square meters of material for background wall should be prepared.

4. Construction Steps

The background wall structure should be made according to design requirements in the installation process. The structure of sides should have enough points for the integration of the wall surface. Ensure that the wooden side is straight; and try to make the two sides of the right angle to the size. After the structure is finished, the actual wiring is made, and the electrical wiring is reserved. In water pipe arrangement and floor installation, the top is installed with integrated wall surface. The integrated wall surface is installed from the top during the installation process. During the process of cutting a trim aluminum coil into plates, the material cut surface must be straight and burr-free. The higher the cutting saw speed, the less the burr.

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