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Differences between anodized and common aluminium sheets

October 18, 2019

Aluminium sheets are so closely related to our daily life that their end products are ubiquitous either in interior decoration or domestic belongings. In comparison to common sheets, an aluminium anodized sheet metal are more favored by manufacturers of various products. What differences between anodized and common aluminium sheets, then, make the former more popular? An anodized aluminium sheet metal is obtained by having a common aluminium sheet anodized, during which some performances of the anodized sheet metal get improved. Here we will discuss the differences in three aspects: surface quality, decoration effect, service life and processing ability.

Surface Quality

A common piece of aluminium sheet gets damaged in the surface in case of inappropriate processing, carrying or packaging, while an anodized sheet metal are much less vulnerable. Boasting more advanced technique in surface treatment, anodized aluminium sheets give better performances in either smoothness or evenness.

anodized metal sheet

Decoration Effect

The color of plain aluminium sheets are monotonously gray, or more melodiously speaking, silver. In contrast, aluminium anodized sheet metals, just like color coated aluminium sheets, are richer in color. Almost any color can be customized. This alone leaves plain gray sheets far behind, widening a sheet’s application scope enormously. No matter it’s a large project for wall cladding, or a delicate shell for cell phones, an anodized aluminium sheet adds color to it.

Service Life

An anodized aluminium sheet metal has a longer service life, for its surface corrosion resistance gets improved effectively by an coating layer that serves as a protector against alien materials or possible abrasion.

Processing Ability

An anodized sheet metal can be bent properly and cut at will in processing. It has an excellent weather resistance, performing well in all kinds of weather conditions, including acid rains and alkaline environments, which overshadow common aluminium sheets.

In spite of so many advantages of anodized sheets over plain sheets, the latter have their own advantages and application scope. Thus clients should choose suitable ones based on their actual needs.

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