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Anodized Metal Sheets

Whether it is home decoration or daily utensils, products made of aluminum plates can be seen everywhere, and anodized metal sheets are more welcomed by decoration manufacturers than ordinary aluminum sheets. The anodized aluminum sheets and painted aluminum sheets are all colorful, some friend may thick they are same product, while they are not. So what is the difference between anodized …

anodized metal sheet

Differences between anodized and common aluminium sheets

Aluminium sheets are so closely related to our daily life that their end products are ubiquitous either in interior decoration or domestic belongings. In comparison to common sheets, an aluminium anodized sheet metal are more favored by manufacturers of various products. What differences between anodized and common aluminium sheets, then, make the former more popular? An anodized aluminium sheet metal …

Anodized aluminum sheet metal manufacturers

An anodized aluminum sheet metal refers to aluminum sheet that has gone through an anodic oxidation process in which the sheet surface is converted into a protective and decorative oxide film. The thickness of the film is 5 to 20 μm, and the hard anodized film is 60 to 200 μm thick. The anodized film does not corrode in thousands …

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