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    Aluminum Sheet , ,

    Temper: O-H112

    Type: Sheet/Plate

    Application: architecture, particularly window frames, door frames, roofs, and sign

    Thickness: 0.1mm-350mm

    Width: 90mm-2200mm

    Model Number: anodized aluminium sheet

    Tolerance Thickness: +/-0.02mm

    • Specifications
    • Features
    • Application

    An anodized aluminum sheet metal refers to aluminum sheet that has gone through an anodic oxidation process in which the sheet surface is converted into a protective and decorative oxide film. The thickness of the film is 5 to 20 μm, and the hard anodized film is 60 to 200 μm thick. The anodized film does not corrode in thousands of hours in the salt fog of ω=0.03NaCl. It has a large number of micropores in the thin layer, which can adsorb various lubricants. Strong adsorption ability of the film microporous makes it possible for anodized aluminum sheet metal manufacturers to color a sheet with black, white, gold, blue, red paints. Anodized sheets have stronger hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, insulating property and corrosion resistance, suitable to be made into engine cylinders or other wear-resistant parts.

    This shows workshop of our anodized aluminum sheet metal.

    1. Item   pre anodized aluminum sheet
    2. Standard ASTM B221M, GB/T 3191, JIS H4040, etc.
    3. alloy 5052 5754 5083 5086 5005
    4. Temper O H32 H34 H36 H38 H111 H112 H116 H321
    5. Specifications thickness 0.1–350mm
    Width 90–2500mm
    Length 11000mm max
    6. Surface Mill finish, polished, mirror finish anodizing, brushing, sand blasting, powder

    coating, etc.

    7. Price Term Ex-work, FOB, CIF , CFR, etc.
    8. Payment Term T/T, L/C
    9. Delivery Time According to order’s quantity.
    10. Package Export standard package: bundled wooden box, suit for all kinds of transport,

    or be required.

    11. Application 1) Kitchenware, food and chemical products processing and storage devices;

    2) Aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipe, rivets, wire;

    3) Cans cover, car body panels, steering plates, stiffeners, brackets and other


    4) Manufacturing trucks, tower building, ship, train, furniture, machinery parts,

    precision machining with the tubes, rods, shaped, sheet metal.


    A pre anodised aluminium sheet metal has the following features

    1. Good processability. An anodized aluminum sheet is highly decorative and moderate in hardness. It can be easily bent and formed for continuous high-speed stamping into products without complicated surface treatment, which greatly shortens the product production cycle and costs.

    2. Excellent weather resistance. An anodized sheet with a standard thickness oxide film (3μm) of lasts for a long time indoors without discoloration, corrosion, oxidation or rust, and that with a thick oxide film (10 μm) can be used outdoors, lasting long without being discolored after exposure to the sunshine.

    This shows our workshop and packing for anodized aluminum sheet metal products.


    3. Strong metal feeling. The surface of an anodized sheet has diamond-level hardness, good scratch resistance and natural metal color that highlights the modern metallic feeling and improves the grade of the product.

    4. High fire resistance. The surface has no paint or chemical substances, withstanding 600 ° high temperature without catching fire.

    5. Strong anti-fouling property. No fingerprints or stains would be left on the surface of an anodized aluminum sheet metal after it is touched. Even though it gets dirty, it’s easy to clean it.

    6. Strong applicability. Anodized aluminum sheet suppliers offer their products to manufacturers of metal aluminum ceilings, curtain walls, aluminum plastic panels, fireproof boards, honeycomb aluminum panels, aluminum veneers, electrical panels, cabinet panels, furniture panels and so on.

    Anodized aluminium sheet metal products are widely used in machinery parts, aircraft parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, architectural decoration, machine casings, lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, signage, furniture, automotive decoration and other industries.

    This shows examples of anodized aluminum sheet metal application.

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