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    Model Number: 1050/1060/1100/3003/5052 etc

    Product name: aluminum roofing sheet

    Productive Technology: cold-drawing,hot rolling,cold rolling,forging,casting

    Packing: LCL,FCL,nude cargo,etc.

    Certificate: SGS,CE,BV,UT,etc.

    Surface: Smooth

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    Aluminium roofing sheet coils is a type of aluminum roofing sheet in coils, but most roofing sheets are in sheet type. Colored aluminium roofing sheet is the main type of aluminum roofing sheet, because coating makes the sheet more corrosion resistant and beautiful, and mainstream colors of paints include red, blue and gray. Most aluminium roofing sheets are corrugated, and the sheet can be regarded as a further product of colored aluminum sheet or coil. Thus generally aluminium roofing sheet price is higher than regular sheets. As a cost efficient roofing material, the sheet is used more and more extensively in the construction industry.

    Main alloys for the aluminium roofing sheet are AA3004 and 5052. AA3004 contains aluminium, manganese and magnesium, boasting medium strength, strong weather resistance, good stain resistance and excellent processing properties. It’s believed to be an ideal material for roofing expected to last half a century and longer. If you want a so-called long span aluminium roofing sheet, you’d better choose 5052 that is renowned by extraordinary corrosion resistance as a shipbuilding material.

    This shows models and colors for aluminium roofing sheet.

    Products long span aluminium roofing sheet coils
    Thickness 0.4-300mm
    Width 500-2800mm (as customers’ requirement)
    Length 3m/ 6m/ 9m/12m cut as customers’ requirement
    Grade 3005,3003,3104,5005,3105,3004,5086,5052,6005,6082,6063,6061
    Temper O,T4,T6,H14,H24,H116,etc.
    Technique Hot rolled,cold rolled,forging,casting,etc.
    Tolerance 0.15-3.0mm(Thickness Tolerance:+/-0.02mm)
    Surface Treatment Anodized,brushed,polished,mill finished,power coated,stucco embossed.
    Surface Protection Oleo phobic coating,protective film,paint coating
    Executive Standards GB/T3190-1996,BS 1470-1988,ISO 209.1-1989,EN 573-3-1994,AA/UNS, DIN 1725.1-1986/W-Nr.,JIS H4040-1999 JIS H4080-1999 Etc.
    Inspection ISO,SGS,BV and so on.

    The long span aluminium roofing sheet coils have the following features.

    1. Large square and low density. The density of aluminium is 2.73g/m3, only one third of steel, which means that the same size of aluminium roofing sheet is much lighter than steel roofing sheet. This greatly reduces load of a building and long span aluminium roofing sheet price.

    2. The sheet coils have a better toughness and a stronger hardness than similar products, and they get tougher and harder by adjusting composition and processing methods.

    3. The colored aluminium roofing sheet shows strong corrosion resistance and rust-proof ability in the chemical corrosive environment with acid, alkali and salt.

    4. The sheet coils are adaptable to varied surface treatment methods like anodizing, electrophoresis, chemical, polishing and paint coating. The paints of PVDF and PE are rich in color and long in life span, and the sheet surface becomes new again after a rain.

    5. The sheet has a good electrical conductivity and low spark sensitivity, which prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce flammability in special environments.

    6. The long span aluminium roofing sheet coils can be used conveniently in construction. the product can be directly nailed, drilled, sawed, planed, and easily handles special roof shapes such as façades and arc windows. Aluminum metal can be connected by riveting, welding, gluing and the like.

    7. The long span aluminium roofing sheet coils can be used conveniently in construction. They can be directly nailed, drilled, sawed or planed, and can be connected by riveting, welding, gluing and the like.

    8. The sheet is water-proof, wind-proof and fire-proof. It can be used at an angle between 15 and 90 and can withstand strong winds.

    The sheet piles are wrapped by sublimation paper and fixed by wooden pallets.

    This shows our packaging for long span aluminium roofing sheet.

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