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Anodized Metal Sheets

June 27, 2022

Whether it is home decoration or daily utensils, products made of aluminum plates can be seen everywhere, and anodized metal sheets are more welcomed by decoration manufacturers than ordinary aluminum sheets. The anodized aluminum sheets and painted aluminum sheets are all colorful, some friend may thick they are same product, while they are not. So what is the difference between anodized aluminum sheets and painted aluminum sheets? Today, Haomei Aluminum will explain the difference between painted aluminum sheet and anodized aluminum sheet.

anodized metal sheets

The difference between anodized metal sheets and ordinary painted aluminum sheets is mainly reflected in the following seven aspects:


1, Weather resistance:

Anodized aluminum sheets and painted aluminum sheets are on an equal footing in terms of durability. Anodized aluminum sheet and coated aluminum sheet can withstand sunlight for a long time without discoloration, and can be used for up to 20 years.


2, Corrosion resistance:

In terms of corrosion resistance, both anodized aluminum sheet metal and painted aluminum sheet are very good. As long as the oxide film and paint film are up to the standard, they can withstand the test of high temperature, low temperature and acid rain, and will not appear peeling off.


3, Color selection:

In the selection of colors, the painted aluminum sheet is better than the anodized aluminum sheet. Anodised aluminum sheet can exude a metallic texture that is not found in painted aluminum sheets, and is brilliant, but the color is relatively small. Although the painted aluminum sheet lacks metallic texture, it has a rich variety of colors, not only solid colors, but also more complex colors, such as wood grain and stone grain.


4, In terms of production and processing:

Each anodized sheet metal project needs to be purchased at one time during the purchase, otherwise there will be a certain color difference in batch purchases, and the anodized aluminum sheet cannot be welded during processing, and high temperature during welding will destroy it oxide layer.


5, Price:

Anodized aluminum sheet metal is much more expensive than painted aluminum sheet, but the overall cost-effectiveness of alumina sheet is still very high. Although the price of coated aluminum sheet is a little cheaper, it is very cost-effective. After a general analysis, the aluminum anodized sheet and aluminum painted sheet have their own characteristics and differences. Customers can choose between the aluminum sheet surface treatment methods according to their own needs.


6, The appearance quality is better

Ordinary aluminum sheet if we are not careful during processing or transfer process, it is easy to cause uneven appearance of aluminum plate, anodized aluminum sheet metal is much stronger than ordinary aluminum sheet, whether it is smoothness or flatness, it is better than ordinary aluminum sheet, this is mainly because the production process of the anodized aluminum sheet is more sophisticated, especially the surface treatment.


7, Good processing function

The anodized aluminum plate can be bent, and the processability is much better than that of the ordinary painted aluminum plate. Enterprises can make different sizes according to different needs, so as not to waste them. And its weather resistance is also very good, no matter what kind of weather conditions it can be used normally, and it can also be used for a long time in the face of saline-alkali acid rain, which is impossible for ordinary aluminum plates.


Because of its many excellent functions, aluminum anodized metal sheets are also widely used by many enterprises, whether in mechanical parts, aircraft and auto parts, precision instruments and radio devices, or architectural decoration, machine shells, lamps and lanterns, consumer electronics, handicrafts, We can see anodized aluminum sheets in household appliances, interior decoration, signage, furniture, automotive decoration and other industries.

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