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Aluminium Closure Plate

July 1, 2022

The main grades of aluminium closure plate for pp and ropp bottle caps material include 1000 series, 3000 series and 8000 series aluminum alloy plates. Among which 1060 aluminum sheet coil, 3104 aluminum sheet coil, 3105 aluminum sheet coil, 5052 aluminum sheet coil, 8011 aluminum sheet coil, etc. 3105 and 8011 aluminum are the most used bottles caps aluminum plate by major manufacturers. Aluminum for closure cap material have thickness of 0.15-0.5mm, width of 100-1600mm, and mainly used in the field of bottle cap packaging such as wine, beverage and cosmetics.

aluminium closure plate

When we are looking for aluminium closure plate on the market, what should we consider besides of aluminum closure sheet price?

1, The key to the quality of 3105/800 aluminum sheet for bottle caps

Haomei Aluminum adheres to its consistent practice, regards product research and development as the top priority, and invests heavily to improve traditional production processes. It has always regarded product quality as the life of the company. The 3105 8011 aluminum sheet for bottle cap material has excellent performance and has received very good feedback from cooperative customers. It is with the outstanding product quality that Haomei Aluminum can open up the bottle cap market.


2, Good after-sales service guarantees the best-selling of 3105 8011 aluminum for bottle caps making

Haomei Aluminum has always been very concerned about the feedback of customers. We regard positive comments as incentives. For some negative feedbacks, we will learn lessons in time to do a good job in after-sales, and make every effort to determine improvements and provide customers with better products.


Due to the very high material requirements for aluminum bottle caps, there are relatively few manufacturers of relatively mature aluminium closure plate materials. As far as the current market distribution is concerned, aluminum for bottle cap materials accounts for more than half of the market share, and there is a clear growth trend. Aluminum sheet for bottle caps is Haomei Aluminum dominant product. It is widely used in bottle cap packaging for wine, beverages, pharmaceutical caps, cosmetics, etc., and is exported to more than 40 countries and regions with good reputation and use effects.

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