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Features of 1060 aluminum circle for cooking utensils

October 22, 2019

1060 aluminum circle for cooking utensils refers to a 1060 aluminium round sheet with a specification suitable for materials of cooking pots, pans, strainers and pressure cookers etc. It has features as below.

1. High purity. The 1060 aluminum circle is made of pure aluminium whose aluminium content is 99.6%. With a silvery surface, its density decreases with climbing of temperatures, so it’s not suitable to be heat treated.

2. Good price. Like other members of 1000 series, aluminum circle 1060 boasts simple and mature manufacturing process, which leads to its competitive prices over other series of aluminium sheet metals.

This shows 1060 aluminum circle for cooking utensils.

3. Excellent processing ability. 1060 aluminium has a good elongation, an excellent tensile strength and a high forming ability, fully meeting the normal processing requirements. In addition, 1060 aluminum circle for cooking utensils has high plasticity, good corrosion resistance, excellent electrical conductivity and outstanding thermal conductivity. Although its strength is low, this enables it to withstand various processing pressures from extension and bending. In making cooking utensils, processes of deep drawing and spinning are usually adopted. Good elongation of 1060 aluminium perfectly meets such a requirement.

4. Extraordinary corrosion resistance. The element of aluminium is so active that it reacts to oxygen in the air quickly after contacting it. During the reaction a layer of aluminium oxide comes into being on the surface of the metal sheet. Aluminium oxide shows a strong corrosion resistance against many chemical elements, serving as a protector of inner aluminium elements. This oxide is entirely different from those of other metals, for it’s not powder but a firm solid layer. Iron also reacts to the oxygen, but the production is brown powder, which falls off and leaves an item thinner and thinner. That’s why people say that aluminium products never rust.

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