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Aluminum circle for cooking utensils

May 26, 2021

Haomei aluminum circle for cooking utensils cover alloys of 1060, 1050, 1070, 1100, 3003, 8011 and 5052. Although these alloy differ in mechanical properties and prices, they are all produced by highly automatic production lines, featured by high precision, smooth surface and excellent deep drawing performance.

aluminum circle for cooking utensils

Haomei has 5 automatic production lines, capable of providing aluminum circle for utensils of various specifications. We have punch machines, laser cutting machines and circle shears. These ensure that the quality of our circles meet varied requirements. Our aluminum circles for cooking utensils are precise in thickness and size. The chemical composition of the raw materials (aluminum rolls and sheets) is strictly controlled, and the rolling and casting process guarantees that the surface is smooth and that the thickness is even as required. In the circle cutting period, few manual work is involved, thus the surface quality of the circles is excellent. We have exclusive technique of avoiding oil marks and scratches during the production. The deep drawing performance of the circles are outstanding. There’s no phenomenon of holes or ears.

The aluminum circle for cooking utensils manufactured by Haomei have no edge burrs, smooth surface and no deformation, and are exported to dozens of countries and regions overseas. As for price, those with a diameter of more than 750mm are more expensive. Circles thicker than 8mm is also more expensive. Our monthly production capacity is above 1,000 tons, and there is no limit on the starting batch, and we can consider the various requirements of customers. Welcome to inquire.

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