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Color Coated Aluminum Strip Coils

November 16, 2018

Color coated aluminum strip coils refer to aluminum flat strap rolls with coated paints. Coated aluminum coil is also known as aluminum trim coil. Color coated aluminum strip is actually narrow aluminum trim coil. Regular alloys for it include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5052, 5005 and 5083 etc. The surface of the strip has been anodized before being coated with paints, so coated aluminum strips have stable properties and strong corrosion resistance. They last three decades without color fading after going through special surface treatment processes. Color coated aluminum strip alloys have low density and light weight among regular metals. Hardness of different degrees can be realized by selection of targeted alloy numbers and tempers, thus the strip covers a wide range of application requiring different hardness. In comparison to other decorative materials, it boasts uniform color, bright surface, strong adherence, excellent durability, good resistance against acid and alkaline materials, and extraordinary properties under friction, sunshine, rain, snow and frost.

color coated aluminum strip

The thickness of color coated aluminum strip usually ranges from 0.03mm to 2mm, and the width can be as small as 10mm or even narrower. Its main application areas are advertising and decoration. It can be used as a raw material for channel letters. Letters with different or a same color attracts visitors more easily. Advertising panel edges can be made of color coated aluminum strip, too. Some manufacturers also place logos made of aluminum trim strip on their products. The strip is more frequently applied in decoration for buildings, exhibitions, stores, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, apartments, vehicle bodies etc. Thin colored strips along doors add vigour to a house. You can even DIY the decoration of your room with such strips. What other usages of color coated aluminum strip have you spotted? Welcome to leave a message and share with us.

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