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Aluminium Strip 1mm Used for Labels

November 19, 2018

The aluminum strip is more and more used in the label industry with rapid development of manufacturing technology. Aluminum is not the only raw material for labels. Its biggest competitors include copper and iron. The advantages of aluminum strip have been elaborated in a previous article. Aluminium strip 1mm is of the proper thickness as a label material. After processes of punching, die casting, etching, printing, enamel, imitation enamel, baking varnish, plastic dropping and electroplating, the strip becomes labels on bags, cameras, clothes, ornaments, wallets, waist belts etc.

aluminium strip1mm

Specifically speaking, aluminium strip 1mm can be made into labels for different usages through color-merging, etching, silk printing, electroplating and heat transfer printing. Color-merging refers to mix different colors into coating of aluminum strip, and make the colors display on the surface in this way. Labels of this kind are usually applied in household products like small domestic appliances, because the color fade easily under the sunshine and rain. In contrast, electroplating helps aluminum strip labels stay safe and sound in the outdoors. The strip is coated with film by screen printing or photosensitive plate making, and then letters and designs are made into the strip by electric methods. Labels of different patterns and fonts can be made in this way. They are durable and corrosion resistant, displaying beautiful colors even after long-term exposure to the sunshine or rain. The designs remain clear and bright for years on labels of electronic products, cars, fridges and washing machines.

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