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Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet for Fridges

November 21, 2018

As one of the most popular type of embossed aluminium products, stucco embossed aluminum sheet can be used as the interior lining panel for fridges. Owing to frequent exposure to strong moisture, the panel is usually made of 3000 and 5000 series of stucco embossed aluminum sheets, generally including 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052 and 5754 etc. Both series are known for good anti-rust properties, but 5000 has better performance in this regard. Needless to say, it’s more expensive as well. Therefore, the most frequently applied alloy of embossed aluminum sheet is actually 3003, the thickness of which ranges from 0.2mm to 5.0mm and width between 1000mm and 1900mm.

stucco embossed aluminum sheet

Stucco aluminum sheet ranks among superior materials for interior lining panels of fridges. Most fridge panels are made of engineering plastic ABS or PS sheets. The former displays a color of white or milk yellow, boasting better gloss, strength, durability and anti-chemical property than PS sheets. Usually made into shape by one-time vacuum molding, it’s nontoxic, tasteless, corrosion resistant and light in weight, but it has low strength and poor heat resistance, vulnerable to temperature above 70 degrees centigrade. Better materials for fridge interior panels are aluminium and steel sheets. 3003 aluminum alloy contains manganese famous for excellent anti-rust property. It has medium strength and good workability. What’s more, the special pattern of stucco on the aluminum sheet greatly improves the sheet’s thermal conductivity. All these features make 3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet a suitable material as fridge interior panels.

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