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Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet Used for Ornaments

November 22, 2018

Ornaments are ubiquitous in our daily life. Some of them are made of plastics. Some are of glass, and others are of metals, among which mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet proves to be a popular one. As an ornament usually takes up few weight of a whole item, the material for it must be as light as possible. Plastics is light enough, but it’s weak in strength, too. Glass is neither light nor resistant to shocks. Metals are the strongest of the three kinds of materials, but most of them are heavier than plastics. However, some metals have such good workability that they can be processed into thin sheets, the lightness of which can compete with plastics in many occasions. Therefore, as a light metal product with perfect decorative effect, mirror anodized aluminum sheet wins great popularity in kinds of ornaments.

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet

In addition to light weight, the sheet has other advantages as a material for ornaments. It’s corrosion resistant, because the element of aluminium is so active that it has chemical reaction with oxygen quickly after being exposed to the air. The oxide aluminum, on the other hand, rarely reacts to any elements in natural environments, and thus it serves as a protective layer of a piece of aluminum sheet. The mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet has an even better anti-rust performance, since it has gone through an extra process of anodizing, the core purpose of which is to strengthen the corrosion resistance of a metal sheet. This enables an ornament made of aluminum mirror sheet lasts years in natural environment without decaying. In the past years color coated aluminum mirror sheet has been developed as well. Colors of other metals are coated onto the surface of a sheet to meet varied decorative requirements in kinds of products.

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