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How to Avoid Impurities in Color Coated Aluminum Coil Further Process

September 29, 2018

Most aluminum extrusion manufacturers adopt forward heat deformation squeezing methods in further processing of color coated aluminum coils. The rolls go through specialized molds (flat, prod or divergent dies) and become profiles of corresponding shapes. In such a process impurities come into being on the surface of color coated aluminum coils. Successful solution of the problem would help to reduce waste material and raise finished product ratios efficiently. Then how to solve the problem? Here are three methods.

To avoid impurities in color coated aluminum coil, the first method worth trying is production process control. After shearing of coated aluminum rolls, the remaining part of a roll must be cleaned completely, removing dust which tends to cause impurities. The squeezed part must be thick enough, otherwise the roll might be squeezed into the end of the profile and bring about impurities. The squeeze speed should be put under reasonable control. The speed should be slowed down in squeezing of the end part so that impurities won’t get in with turbulent flows.

color coated aluminum coil

The second is to adjust production device. If the pressure stems are dislocated, they would wear out the color coated aluminum coil container and make it expand or deform. The center, upper, down, right and left of the die holder must be in the right places. It’s forbidden to start the die in case of dislocations, when the maintenance unit must be called up to solve the problem. The size of the dummy block should be checked regularly. Deformed coil containers and edge curling dummy blocks must be replaced with new ones in time, because they would lead to huge wast of painted aluminum rolls in production. The inner side of new containers must be cleaned and polished before being put into use.

The third method is to adjust the die design or production plans. Flat dies can be equipped with baffle plates to shrink the feeding mouth in necessary. The container mouth must cover relief holes of the die thoroughly. Lead workers should check the size of relief holes before installing each new die. Dies with large relief holes should be installed into bigger machines.

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