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Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet Metal Used for Cupboards

September 28, 2018

Mirror finish aluminum sheet metal refers to anodized aluminum plates taking on an affect of mirrors. Superior aluminum mirror sheets have a reflectivity as high as 95%, and sheets of even higher reflectivity are said to have been produced successfully in an American laboratory. The newly developed sheet is expected to take place of glass mirrors in the future. Owing to its excellent mirroring effect, mirror finish aluminum sheet metal is widely applied in products requiring good shock resistance and reflective effect, among which cupboards are a representative in interior decoration industry.

mirror finish aluminum sheet metal

As main furniture in the kitchen, cupboards decides the style and class of a kitchen in a way. In the past they were typically made of wood which was vulnerable to moisture, worms, bugs and even mice. Aluminum sheet panels turn kitchen cupboards into solid furniture with strong resistance against all the negative elements mentioned above. As the lightest among popular metal sheets, they can be lighter than wood as cupboard panels, because they are much thinner yet stronger. Fire-proof and water-proof, they also shows excellent hardness in comparison with wooden boards. Even mice with sharp teeth are not able to make a hole in them, not to mention worms or bugs. Mirror finish aluminum sheet metal adds beauty to cupboards and extends possibility for designers’ creativity and imagination. Panels of high brightness give a sense of high end and cleanness. The sheets can also be embossed and painted to create various decoration effects. The paintings last decades without peeling or decaying. Most kitchens in China are now equipped with aluminum cupboards rather than wooden or ceramic ones.

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