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Embossed Aluminum Sheets With Triple Rice Grain Pattern

September 27, 2018

Embossed aluminum sheets with triple rice grain pattern is not a popular type in aluminium embossed plate family. Embossed aluminum sheet refers to the sheet obtained by rolling base plates with rollers of special patterns. The most frequently applied patterns are five bars, diamond and stucco. Triple rice grain means three horizontal graceful bars on the surface of the sheet, thus it’s also called three-bar pattern. Embossed aluminum is widely applied in flooring and decoration of buildings, vehicles, ships, vessels, furniture, packing etc.

embossed aluminum sheets with triple rice grain pattern

In accordance with alloys embossed aluminum sheets with triple rice grain pattern can be classified into four types. The first is common embossed sheet, the representative of which is 1060. It can withstand normal environments, usually used as panels for refrigeration cabinets, anti-slip floors and packing. The second type is mainly 3003, also referred to as Al-Mg embossed sheet. Its strength is slightly higher than 1060. It has good performance in corrosion resisting, but not good enough to compete with 5000 series. Therefore, it’s usually used for products requiring little about anti-rust property, such as truck bodies, refrigeration room floors and so on. The third, Al-Mg embossed aluminum, includes 5052, 5083 and 5754. It has excellent corrosion resistance, good hardness and lighter weight in comparison with the other two types above. Owing to prominent anti-rust performance, the sheet is more suitable for moist environments like ships, vessels, train compartments etc. The last type includes 6061, 6063 and 6082. It combines advantages of 4xxx and 5xxx series of embossed aluminum plates. In addition to extraordinary corrosion resistance and light weight, it also boasts high tensile strength and strong wear resistance, serving as good raw material for parts of building panels, arms and air planes. It’s easier to be painted and processed than the other three types mentioned above.

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