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anodized mirror aluminum sheet

Alloy and application of anodized mirror aluminum sheet

An anodized mirror aluminum sheet is obtained by polishing and anodizing the surface of a given piece of aluminium sheet. Its alloys include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3005, 5052 and 6061. The application scope of the sheet covers construction, labeling, clothing, machines and so on. The 1000 series is the most aluminum-containing series among all series. The purity can …

gold mirror finish aluminum sheet

Gold mirror finish aluminum sheet price

The gold mirror finish aluminum sheet price is higher than common polished aluminium sheets, ranging between 3000 to 4000 dollars per metric ton, based on specific alloys and surface treatment methods. The price for 1xxx series of gold mirror finish aluminum sheet is the lowest, for the processing cost for these raw materials are lower than other series. 1050, 1060, …

2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price

2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price

The 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price is much higher than that of 1xxx and 3xxx aluminum mirror sheet pieces, for 2xxx aluminium sheets are far more expensive than common plates. No matter how the currency rate fluctuates, the price of 1060 aluminum sheets seldom surpasses $2500 per metric ton, while 2xxx alu sheets are at least $4000. This …

One side mirror finish aluminum sheet

One side mirror finish aluminum sheet

A one side mirror finish aluminum sheet is named in relative to both-side aluminum mirror sheets. As a matter of fact, when people speak of “mirror finish aluminum sheet”, they mean one side sheet, for two-side mirror sheets are rarely produced, unless required by clients. And the process proves to be more complicated as well as more expensive. In most …

0.4mm mirror aluminum sheet

0.4mm mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet features and price

0.4mm mirror aluminum sheet is among regular specifications of mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet pieces. Other thickness include 0.6mm and 0.8mm etc. Its raw material comes from three series of aluminium sheets: 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx. 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100 boast high purity, simple processes and low prices. The most popular 1xxx 0.4mm mirror aluminum sheet products are 1050 …

mirror finish aluminum sheet price

Mirror finish aluminum sheet price

The mirror finish aluminum sheet price is related to a sheet’s alloy, polishing methods and influencing factors. Here are some price ranges for your reference. 1xxx aluminum mirror sheets: There are 1060, 1070 and 1100. The price is usually around 2500 dollars per metric ton. 3xxx mirror finish aluminum sheets: 3003, 3004 and 3005 etc. The price is usually around …

aluminum mirror sheet glass

Can aluminum mirror sheet glass be used for curtain walls

Can aluminum mirror sheet glass be used for curtain walls? The answer used to be negative, for common sheets’ service life in outdoors is not so satisfying as aluminium composite panels or steel panels. Therefore, it was not recommendable to use the aluminum mirror sheet glass as a raw material for curtain walls. Now, however, it’s possible to use the …

reflect aluminum mirror sheet

Process of reflect mirror aluminum sheet for solar panels

One of the most key usages of a reflect mirror aluminum sheet falls on solar panels, for which two main process methods are usually adopted. The first is vacuum coating technology. It has no pollution problem in the production process, and the coating has excellent optical performance, but the continuous production line has a large investment, the coating production cost …

flexible aluminum mirror sheet

What is a flexible aluminum mirror sheet

A flexible aluminum mirror sheet is actually an aluminium mirror sheet roll. The word “flexible” here means soft. Regular thicknesses for flexible aluminum mirror sheets are 0.2mm and 0.3mm, made of high quality A000 aluminum ingot (grade: Al99.993), the aluminum content of which is 99.9 (%) and above and impurity content less than 0.001 (%). In fact, the flexible aluminum …

anode mirror aluminum sheet

Anod aluminum mirror sheet used in solar panels and buildings

The use of anod aluminum mirror sheet in solar panels and building construction is achieved under the contemporary concepts of saving resources, protecting the environment and reducing pollution. Solar energy originally used iron plates for lighting, but because the iron plates were placed outdoors, it was very easy to rust after a long period of wind and rain. Therefore, stainless …

clear aluminum mirror sheet

Polishing methods for clear mirror aluminum sheet

There are three polishing methods for clear mirror aluminum sheet: mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing and chemical polishing. Mechanical polishing is generally the operation of pressing an aluminium sheet onto a rotating cloth wheel or other elastic wheel pre-coated with a polishing paste. The essence is to use the polishing wheel to smooth the extremely small unevenness on the surface. The …

aluminum sheet mirror polish

Buy aluminum sheet mirror polish here

The “aluminum sheet mirror polish” is a phrase created by clients’ searching way, the product is called mirror polish aluminum sheet actually. A aluminum plate can be mirrored after being polished and polished. The mirrored aluminum plate has a strong anti-corrosion effect, because aluminum is oxidizing and can form a dense aluminum oxide film on the surface, which can protect …

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