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1050 silver lighting aluminum mirror sheet for sale

September 7, 2020

1050 silver aluminum mirror sheet is among our popular products for lighting. It can made into rolls or cut into pieces of given sizes, featured by high reflectivity (86% and above), strong temperature withstanding ability and long service life. Thickness of the mirror sheet ranges from 0.3mm to 0.48mm, adhesive force 5B, and pencil hardness 1H. It has passed tests for high temperatures (150 degree), high moisture levels (48 hours), medium salt fog (72 hours), 3T flexibility, shock etc.

1050 silver lighting aluminum mirror sheet for sale

Our 1050 silver aluminium reflector sheet for lighting is easy to maintain. The surface of the mirror aluminum plate is smooth. Even if there is dust, you can achieve the desired effect by simply cleaning it with a rag. The color of silver highlights the cleanliness and tidiness of lamps. Although the color of silver is light in comparison with other colors of aluminium mirror sheets like gold, blue and red, it has a better lighting effects and strong reflection ability. In building materials and car decoration, it is often used to highlight the shape and overall structure, increase beauty, and promote personality. The aluminium sheet is so light and durable that it lasts years without being oxidized as lamp reflective parts.

Precautions for our 1050 silver lamp aluminium mirror sheets are as below. First, the protective film should be uncovered carefully. Second, please follow the instruction in further processing and installation in order not to damage the sheet surface. Third, keep the sheets in dry and ventilated conditions either in construction or application. Fourth, in case of obvious fingerprints and dirty spots after installation of the sheets, please wipe gently with a piece of cotton cloth. Fifth, please contact us directly if any problems rise in your application.

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