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aluminum light reflector sheet

Aluminum light reflector sheet

An aluminum light reflector sheet is also known as an aluminium reflector sheet for lighting. Processed by rolling and grinding, the surface of the plate takes on a mirror effect. Mirror aluminum sheets can be cut into different sizes at will, boasting high strength, good electrical conductivity and super thermal conductivity. They have a smooth high-gloss surface that is easy …

aluminium mirror reflector sheet grade 1060 for led light

Aluminium Mirror Reflector Sheet Grade 1060 for Led Light

Aluminium mirror reflector sheet grade 1060 is a common material for the led light. 1060 aluminum sheet has a aluminium content of 99.6%, also referred to as a pure aluminum alloy whose content of aluminum reaches 99% and above. Pure aluminium is among the most frequently applied series. It has a great advantage in price over all other series, because …

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