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Why is the Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet So Widely Applied

Why is the Mirror Polished Aluminum Sheet So Widely Applied

The application of mirror polished aluminum sheet has extended to such a wide scope that we are usually surprised upon spotting them in some products. Sometimes it serves as a packing material for cosmetics and high end gifts, and on other occasions it becomes shells for expensive cell phones and laptops. You sees it as lamp covers on the street, …

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Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet Metal Used for Cupboards

Mirror finish aluminum sheet metal refers to anodized aluminum plates taking on an affect of mirrors. Superior aluminum mirror sheets have a reflectivity as high as 95%, and sheets of even higher reflectivity are said to have been produced successfully in an American laboratory. The newly developed sheet is expected to take place of glass mirrors in the future. Owing …

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Surface Treatment Processes for Reflective Aluminum Mirror Sheets

The precision of surface treatment has an initial impact on the integrated property of the reflective aluminum mirror sheet. The properties of mirroring and ductility embody applying features of the sheet. Only sheets of superior mirroring performance can meet application requirements in interior decoration, electronic items and various consuming packing. Then what endows the sheet with superior mirroring effect? In …

mirror finish aluminum sheet metal

Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet Metal Used as Cell Phone Shell

Mirror finish aluminum sheet metal can be applied in many industries, among which the most familiar to us is cell phone shell. Aluminum mirror sheet usually has alloys of 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5005 and 5057 as its raw materials. As a relatively high end product, cell phone shells are generally made of 3xxx and 5xxx aluminium base sheets …

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How to Color Reflective Aluminum Mirror Sheet

Reflective aluminum mirror sheet is mainly made of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series of aluminium. Most mirror sheets are of natural silver color, but some are colored to meet special application needs like decorative lamp parts and hotel ceilings. In contacting with buyers from various industries, mirror finish aluminum sheet manufacturers have developed colored sheet to cater for market demands. …

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Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet Colors

Mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet is a general terms for aluminum mirror sheets or coils. Although its name includes the word “anodized”, the R series of the sheet has not gone through the anodizing process. Classified by reflectivity degree, it falls on three types: 800 standard sheet, 850 superior sheet and 890 super sheet. There are two color series for …

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Mirror Finish Aluminum Sheet Metal Used for Labels

Mirror finish aluminum sheet metal refers to polished aluminium sheets with at least 80% reflectivity. Superior sheets can reach a reflectivity of 95% and above. Base plate alloys include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 5005 and 5057. Aluminium mirror sheet is used for labels because of its excellent decorative effect, good weather resistance and low cost. Mirror finish aluminum sheet …

mirror finish anodized aluminium mirror sheet

How to Protect Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminium Sheet Surface

The protection of mirror finish anodized aluminium sheet surface consists of two parts: protection against chemical reactions and physical damages. Chemical reactions are likely to happen between oxygen in the air and active metals like aluminum. In manufacturing process of mirror finish anodized aluminium mirror sheets, a proper amount of other metals such as manganese, magnesium, copper and Zinc are …

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Electrolytic Polishing Technique for Aluminium Mirror Sheet

Electrolytic polishing technique ranks among the most frequently applied surface treatment methods for mirror finish anodized aluminium sheets. It endows reflector aluminium mirror sheets with high brightness and reflectivity, making them suitable for various applications in decoration and reflection. In aluminum industry, electrolytic polishing refers to a technical method applying the principle of electrochemical anode dissolution to finish the surface …

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Aluminum Mirror Sheet Used for Cars

Car decoration remains to take up a large share in application scope of aluminium mirror sheets. Polished mirror sheets can be used in interior and exterior decoration of cars such as cooling grids, trim strips, engine top covers, signage, buttons of cars and so on. According to different requirements of these products, the most appropriate process is selected to meet …

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Standards of High Quality Aluminum Mirror Sheets

Aluminum mirror sheets refer to aluminium sheets taking on a mirroring effect after going through processes of rolling, polishing and other relative surface treatment methods. With continuous development of global construction and manufacturing industries, the application scope of aluminum mirror sheets keeps widening in areas of interior and exterior decoration, automobile decoration, domestic appliance panels, lighting parts etc. No matter …

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Process Control of Aluminum Mirror Sheet

The manufacturing of aluminum mirror sheets requires a series of processes like electronic polishing, water washing and oxidation treatment etc, which entails corresponding process controls to guarantee quality and avoid waste. The sulfuric acid concentration should be controlled within 2%. The number of dosing times should be decided in accordance with specific needs. Appropriate content of sulfuric acid can improve …

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