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Mirror Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheet for Food Packing

December 27, 2018

Speaking of food packing, we would think of plastics, paper and aluminum foil, but few people would relate mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet to food packing. As a matter of fact, mirror anodized aluminum sheet takes up an even larger market in food packing. The reason why it rarely comes to our mind become it’s usually applied in packing of industrial food, while aluminium foil is more frequently used in cooking of fresh food. Just look around and you will definitely find food cases and boxes made of mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet.

mirror finish anodized aluminum sheet

Aluminium cases are used to keep solid food like moon cakes, nuts, chocolates and teas, powder food like milk powder, soybean milk powder and coffee as well as liquid food like walnut drink, peanut drink, eight treasure porridge etc. Different from aluminum foil which can be used for food packing directly, aluminum mirror sheet is usually anodized before being processed into cases and boxes for food. The process of anodizing not only improves corrosion resistance of the sheet, but also coats the sheet with any needed color. Food packing metal materials require little about strength, thus regular alloys of 1000 and 3000 series are the most popular. Their prices are relatively lower than 5000 series as well. Furthermore, reflectivity is not the first factor required. Sheets of common reflectivity are qualified enough.

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