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3005 Aluminum Coil for Venetian Blind

December 28, 2018

The venetian blind can be made of bamboos, glass, plastics and aluminium. Alloys of aluminum coil for venetian blind usually contains 3005 and 5052. 3005 aluminum coil is a type of corrosion resistant aluminium. It’s about 20% stronger than 3003. Its main alloy element is manganese which takes up a content between 1.0% and 1.5%. Manganese is an anti-rust element. The adding of manganese improves the alloy’s corrosion resistance obviously. 3005 aluminum coil is featured by good forming property, welding property and corrosion resistance. Its regular end products include parts for air conditioners, fridges, vehicles, buildings, cookware, containers for food and chemicals, tanks for liquids, printing rollers and ships etc.

3005 aluminum coil for venetian blind

As an aluminum coil for venetian blind, 3005 can be coated with titanium oxide which has a function of photo-catalytic purification by reacting to the ultraviolet ray. Venetian blinds of such a coil roll have a self-cleaning ability, boasting excellent dust-proof, bacteria-proof, resistance to peculiar smells and air cleaning performances. Aluminum venetian blinds are lighter than those of bamboos and glass. The shutters can be adjusted freely to allow suitable amount of light into the room. They can be adjusted to such a angle that you are able to obtain sufficient light without revealing your privacy, because all the shutters serve as a complete sheet against any spying eyes. The application of 3005 aluminum coil in Venetian blinds helps to save installation space and improves noise resistance of a room. These advantages make aluminum coil for venetian blind more and more popular.

In addition to 3005 aluminum coil for venetian blind, Haomei also supplies other building materials like mirror anodized aluminum sheet, pvdf color coated aluminum coil etc. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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