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Reflective Aluminum Lighting Sheet Used for Scutcheon

April 11, 2019

The reflective aluminum lighting sheet for scutcheon is an aluminum sheet developed especially as a raw material for scutcheon. Its oil adhesive force is good. Sheets that have gone through decrease treatment have clean surfaces so that there’s no need for cleaning before printing.

reflective aluminum lighting sheet for scutcheon

Regular alloys for the sheet include 1050, 1060, 1070, 3003, 3005, 5005, 5052 and 5057 etc. Generally speaking, 3000 series, like 3003, have a stronger hardness and corrosion resistance than 1000 series of reflective aluminum sheet pieces. While 5000 series, represented by 5052, shows an even better performance than 3000. The common sizes for reflective aluminum lighting sheets are as below.




The sheets are packed in cases, each of which contain 50kg. The more you buy, the lower the price.

Features of reflective aluminum sheet lighting

1. Mirror property: Our sheets are obtained by mechanical polishing without no electroplating coating or sandblasting, and there’s no need for removing anodizing and electroplating layers before anodizing. The sheets can be printed and stamped directly without pretreatment. The sandblasting coarse particle size reaches 240# and more.

2. Surface treatment characteristics: Our sheet pieces are made of pure material, suitable for high requirements and stable anodizing surface treatments, such as chemical polishing, atomization, chemical sanding, electric polishing, dyeing, sealing and so on.

3. Hardness characteristics: The sheets are of uniform hardness, suitable for complex stamping, bending and stretching. They do not break easily during shaping process, displaying good resistance to oxidation, corrosion and high temperature.

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