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How to select China mirror finish aluminum sheet suppliers

December 19, 2019

We suggest clients to select China mirror finish aluminum sheet suppliers in the following aspects.

First, check a supplier’s strength. This can be further divided into several questions to be answered: annual productivity, lead time, MOQ, manufacturing history, exporting experience, factory visiting and so on. With these factors combined, you grasp a rough idea about the strength of a supplier. Sometimes whether they are a factory or not is not so important. Some trading companies, many keeping ordering from us, are so professional that they are able to provide mirror finish aluminum sheet products of the same price with better service. Thus price is not your first judging point at the beginning stage of your purchasing work, and you can just wait to make a decision until you are satisfied with quality and service.

mirror finish aluminum sheet

Second, check a supplier’s service level in delivery and shipment. After selecting several suppliers of similar strength levels, you need to pay attention to the service level in shipment, which could be fatal once you make an inappropriate choice. Check the shipping companies they cooperate with, and scan their customs figures if necessary, for statistics say louder than everything. You must make sure the products you order will arrive at your port safe and sound, especially with fragile products like aluminum mirror sheet pieces.

Last, try to obtain the lowest price from one of the suppliers you have picked out. Of course, the price gap is small unless you would like to give in to quality, but if you are familiar with the industry enough, you will be able to cut down tens of dollars at last. There are too many mirror finish aluminum sheet suppliers in the world, after all.

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