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Application of black aluminium checker plate

December 18, 2019

A black aluminium checker plate is a special type of aluminum tread plate, for regular checker plates are mill finished, and some are mirror finished. Coated ones are less frequently applied. They are used in conditions that require matching of colors to realized a certain decorative effect, such as ceiling, interior wall cladding, tool boxes, interior flooring, bus flooring and so on.

black aluminium checker plate

Black aluminium checker plates are used in ceiling for homes, hotels, entertainment places, convention halls etc. They are seldom used alone, for black, giving off a dark dull sense, needs to cooperate with other colors to create an either graceful or relaxed style. Interior wall cladding and flooring are two more frequent uses of the plates, for their function of skid resistance and decoration are made into full use here. Five bar and diamond aluminum checker plates are the most popular in the global market, for they show the best anti-skid effect. In addition to large flat pieces, they are also made into thin strips to wrap legs and feet of furniture, wall angles, photo frames etc. In bus flooring, a black aluminium checker plate sheet metal is usually used as a tread plate for flooring areas beside the front and rear doors, because it’s difficult for people to stand steadily upon boarding. Although most buses and ships are floored with anodized aluminium checker plates of the natural silver color, some vehicles and ships for cruise might be floored by colored sheets to create a better decorative effect.

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