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aluminium checker plate flooring

Aluminium Checker Plate For Flooring

The aluminium checker plate for flooring is a future processed product of aluminum checker plate material. The aluminum checkered plate standard is a kind of aluminum plate used to make mechanical floors, which can be used in the construction of mechanical stairs and some shipbuilding industries. It is a relatively strong building floor plate. The thickness of the commonly used aluminium …

Buy aluminium checker plate

Buy Aluminium Checker Plate

Where to buy aluminium checker plate with prime quality and reasonable price? We suggest Haomei Aluminum! Haomei Aluminum is an aluminum checker plate manufacturer with rich experience and strong production ability. The aluminium checker plate is processed based on the aluminum plate, and the uneven pattern is formed on the aluminum plate through external mechanical processing. The aluminum checker plate has …

Anti-skid aluminium checker plate 5754

Anti-skid aluminium checker plate 5754

Haomei anti-skid aluminium checker plate 5754 is 1.0mm to 8.0mm thick and 100mm to 1850mm wide. The length is up to 16000mm. Tempers include h12, h22, h32, h14, h24, h34, h111, h114 etc. 5754 is a member of 5000 series of aluminium alloys, featured by medium strength, good corrosion resistance, and excellent forming performance. Although it’s even weaker than 5052 …

A pile of checker plates aluminium 2

Checker plates aluminium 2.8mm

Checker plates aluminium 2.8mm are usually five bar or diamond aluminum sheets of 2.8mm thick. Five bar and diamond serve as two of the most popular patterns for aluminum checkered plates. Other patterns include three bars, four bars, leaf etc. In any case the bars or design are arranged like lined groups of checkers. On a five bar sheet five …

aluminium checker plate for dual cab canopies

Aluminium checker plate for dual cab canopies

Aluminium checker plate for dual cab canopies can be of 1060, 3003, 5052, 5083 and 6061. The most popular alloys are 3003, 5052 and 5083, because they represent three levels of properties and price. These alloys are the most mature and cheapest in their corresponding series, each of which is featured by some common mechanical and chemical properties. 3003 contains …

aluminium checker plate for ramp

Aluminium checker plate for ramp

An aluminium checker plate for ramp is a little different from ordinary anti-skid aluminum plates. In most cases aluminium tread plates stretch on stairs or by metro station entrances and elevator doors to prevent people from slipping, especially in rainy days or in places with lots of water. A ramp aluminium checker plate, however, functions not only to resist skid, …

Painting aluminium checker plate

Painting aluminium checker plate

Painting aluminium checker plate is of 1050, 1100, 3003, 5005, 5052 or 8011 alloy. Thickness of the plate is from 0.2mm to 2mm (0.35,0.40, 0.45,0.50, 0.55mm), and paint thickness 18micro to 30 micro. Specific thickness can be customized by per client. Regular tempers include O, H14, H18, H16, H22 etc. Width of the plate can be up to 1200mm. Colors …

aluminium checker plate price

How much is aluminium checker plate price

How much is aluminium checker plate price? Generally the price ranges from 2300 to 2800 dollars per metric ton. If you want a specific price, you need to provide detailed specifications you need for the checker plate sheet. Alloys of aluminium checker plates include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 3005, 5005, 5052 and 5083. Although 6061 and 7075 plates …

2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm aluminium checker plate

2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm aluminium checker plate

2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm aluminium checker plate not only has the function of anti-slip, but also has the characteristics of light weight and anti-oxidation. With the increasing improvement of production technology, aluminium chequer plates, as a high-quality high-tech material, will definitely be able to completely replace traditional metals and be more widely used. They are now mainly used in …

aluminium checker plate 6mm

Aluminium checker plate 6mm for flooring

An aluminium checker plate 6mm refers to an aluminum chequered sheet with a thickness of 6mm. Aluminum checker plates belong to a commonly used aluminum plate variety which differs from ordinary aluminum plates in surface. While the surface of other aluminum sheets is flat and smooth, checker plates have a patterned surface of various designs, including five bar, diamond, three …

checkered aluminum sheets

Where to buy aluminium checker plate 8 x 4

Where to buy aluminium checker plate 8 x 4? As a professional supplier, Haomei introduces its specifications, features, uses and price as below. Common thickness for chequered aluminum sheets in the market ranges between 2.0mm and 8mm. The smallest width is 500mm, and biggest 2200mm, with 1250mm and 1500mm as the most frequently adopted. There is no limit in length, …

5 bar aluminium checker plate

A 5 bar aluminium checker plate is also known as the aluminum checkered plate with 5 bar. “5 bar” refers to the aluminium chequered plate’s pattern consisting of five horizontal leaf-like prominent bars of the same shape, size and height. There are small 5 bar plates and large five bar plates. The difference lies in length and height of the …

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