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Where to buy aluminium checker plate 8 x 4

January 10, 2020

Where to buy aluminium checker plate 8 x 4? As a professional supplier, Haomei introduces its specifications, features, uses and price as below.

Common thickness for chequered aluminum sheets in the market ranges between 2.0mm and 8mm. The smallest width is 500mm, and biggest 2200mm, with 1250mm and 1500mm as the most frequently adopted. There is no limit in length, since regular length scope is enough for most orders. The treatment methods for the sheets’ surface include brushing, anodizing, and mill finish, thus there are brushed and anodized aluminium chequered plates in the market. Design patterns include 5 bar, 3 bar, 1 bar, 2 bar, diamond, pebble, ripple etc. As for grades, there are three categories. The poorest is 1000 series plates, covering 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1100. The second is 3000 series, like 3005, 3004 etc. These perform much better than 1xxx plates in either hardness or corrosion resistance, but they can not compete with 5052 and 6061 in either respect. Thus if you have high requirement in service life, 5052 and 6061 t6 aluminum checker plate sheets would be a better choice.

checkered aluminum sheets

Application of aluminium checker plate 8 x 4

1. With the lowest prices but poorest performances, 1000 series are used for common flooring, wall cladding and packaging.

2. 3000 series of aluminum tread plates are applied in moist conditions like ships, boats, trucks and vans, for they show better hardness and rust resistance.

3. With parts bearing weight or in close contact with corrosive materials, 5052 and 6061 checkered aluminum sheets are recommended.

4. Using a professional spraying agent to coat the surface of the plates helps to form an additional barrier against corrosion and beautify their decoration effect. Based on such a principle, color coated aluminium checker plates are developed.

Where to buy aluminium checker plate 8 x 4? Welcome to inquire us! We will send you details and price upon receiving your inquiries!

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