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aluminium checker plate thickness

Aluminium checker plate thickness

Recently some customers asked about questions of aluminium checker plate thickness. Some found that the plates they bought are too thick to be installed perfectly in given areas. In fact, aluminium checker plate are divided by surface pattern types. Generally, there are large five-bar aluminum plates, small five bar aluminum plates, diamond aluminum checker plates and lenticular pattern aluminum plates. …

aluminium checker plate suppliers

Aluminium checker plate suppliers

If you are looking for aluminium checker plate suppliers, here is an introduction. The alloys of aluminium cheaquer plates include 3003, 5005, 5052 and 6061 etc. 3003 is a representative of 3000 series of aluminium checker plate sheets, boasting good hardness and corrosion resistance. Known as a rust resistant aluminium alloy, 3003 shows good performances in moist environments such as …

aluminium checker plate price

Factors influencing 6061 and 3003 aluminium checker plate price

Factors influencing 6061 and 3003 aluminium checker plate price include relationship between market demand and supply, aluminium ingot price, aluminium checker plate quality (including brand effect) and shipment cost. No matter it is 6061 or 3003 aluminum checker plate, its price is directly influenced by the relationship between market demand and supply. If the demand is small, the price will …

anodized aluminium plate

Film thickness and coloring of an anodized aluminium plate

The film of an anodized aluminium plate proves to be the key part of the plate, for its thickness and coloring effect reflect directly the plate’s quality. Here we share two important points in making a superior piece of anodized aluminium plate: conditions for improving film thickness and for successful coloring of the surface. Conditions for improving film thickness of …

aluminium checker plate

Advantages of aluminium checker plate as fridge liner

The aluminium checker plate is also called aluminum tread plate. It is obtained by calendering the surface of the aluminum plate with various beautiful patterns. That’s how it gets another name of embossed aluminum plate, and the product is widely used in product packaging and architectural decoration etc. In addition, the aluminium checker plate serves as an important raw material …

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