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Brushed aluminium plate as an auto decorative material

July 27, 2020

A brushed aluminium plate is used as a decorative material for automobile because of its rich hire drawing line types, strong metal sense, high weather resistance, light weight, easy processing and environmental friendliness.

Brushed aluminium plate

Both the line and color of brushed aluminium plates can be customized according to varied style of automobile decoration. The brushed automobile panels, soft in metal gloss and strong in metal sense, adds to fashion and brightness to the interior room of a car. Anodized films of brushed sheets, once reaching 10um, withstands long-term exposure to strong sunshine without color fading or film peeling. No finger marks can be left easily on the panel surface, and once it gets dirty, the surface gets cleaned easily by water and washing agents. In comparison with other metal panels for auto decoration, aluminium weighs much smaller. Despite its light weight, the brushed aluminium sheet is so strong that it does not break or crack under normal processing pressures in continuous bending and stamping. Owing to its beautiful and strong surface, a brushed sheet needs no further surface treatment before being made into decorative panels of cars, which shortens the production period and reduces costs. In addition, waste aluminium plates get recycled in simpler steps than other metals.

With its overwhelming strengths developed along with technology, brushed aluminum plates crosses its application limit in the building industry and become a new candidate in the auto interior decoration. Wider application scopes can be expected in the future.

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