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Color coated 1050 channel letter aluminum coil strip

July 28, 2020

Color coated 1050 aluminum coil strip is a regular channel letter material with a colored (sometimes brushed) surface. Thickness is 0.6mm or 0.8mm, width 6cm to 10cm, and length 100m. 1050 aluminum coil boasts low density, good conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding plasticity and processing properties, totally meet requirements for channel letter materials. After being color coated, 1050 coil obtains better properties in weather resistance and service life.

Color coated 1050 channel letter aluminum coil strip

1050 color coated aluminum channel letter coil is strong vertically and soft horizontally, enabling people to make acrylic characters faster and easier by avoiding traditional complicated production processes such as cutting, welding and painting. Acrylic characters and light boxes made of 1050 colored aluminum coil are more beautiful and airtight. Good in flexibility, high temperature resistance and severe cold resistance, the adoption of aluminium in channel letters has replaced the cumbersome process of making acrylic characters in the past (such as tedious cutting, welding and polishing of iron sheets), and 1050 aluminium coil is an ideal product for today’s luminous characters and blister characters industry, the further process of which is free from any operating equipment or tools. It is very easy to make characters with an aluminum coil strip, just lightly bend it around at will with your hands, and a letter takes shape 10 times faster than traditional methods in the past. Bright and colorful, the finished letters and characters will not shrink, deform, expand at high temperatures or contract at low temperatures.

In addition to 1050 color coated aluminum coil strips, Haomei Aluminium also supplies 3003 colored aluminum coil as a channel letter coil. Specifications can be customized. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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